My resources for seat cushion reviews

Hey guys it’s Mark Randolph here. Just want to clue you in to a couple of great resources for seat cushion reviews – the first is This is a really useful site because it has a handy comparison chart that compares different types of seat cushions and gives you a real sense of what’s available on the market. When I was looking for a cushion for my wheelchair, this was my first stop and the resources on this page, including all of the different reviews, was essential in helping me to find what I was looking for.


(While I’m on topic, here’s another great video about wheelchair seat cushions.)

The next great resource that I found was, which is a site that allows you to look for supplies and products online. It really let’s you find some great deals if you’re looking for products related to wheelchairs and rehabilitation. This was my second stop and I felt that it was a really great resource, which is even stronger because it is backed by the government, which is a source you can always trust.

Another great resource for seat cushion information was TSA.Gov. This website is really useful if you are thinking about traveling and need to consider which cushion is the best resource for you in the event that you are flying to different countries. I recently traveled to Panama, and I wanted to know what seat cushion to bring along with me. This website provides a lot of detail around the types of items that are allowed to be transported across national boundaries.

And one last video displaying the benefits of seat pads for mobility devices:

I hope that these resources are useful for you as you are out looking for seat cushions. I did a lot of research to collect this information so you really should appreciate it and check out the websites that I listed because it will definitely help you out.

With that said, I wanted to share the feedback that I’ve received so far. It’s really encouraging to get great responses from my writing and content. Emily from Wisconsin wrote me to say that she was encouraged by my optimism and the spirit that I evidenced in all of my posts and writing.

She also said that way that I approach life and my focus on providing comfort to others through seat cushion reviews helps her and others who are in similar situations. It’s been a benefit to her, her family, and the community at large of which she is part that sometimes feels neglected or ignored by the media and, yes, sometimes the government itself.

That’s it for now guys. You should check out the links and leave comments below and I’ll definitely get back to you. Peace!

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