Comfort and mobility – alright?

Alright, dude, this is my first real post after my first funny post.

Just wanted to say that I’ve been in a wheelchair for 10 years now and it sucks but there are some things you can do to make your daily life more enjoyable and comfortable. One of the things I found it really helps is using a gel seat cushion.

green gel cushion

Now, a cushion like this really save you some grief because it provides a really comfortable support no matter the medical condition that you have, or reason that you’re in a wheelchair. I’ve tried using foam and air cushions, but what’s really worked for me, and I had a very active lifestyle, is using a gel cushion, specifically the wonder gel seat cushion.

Now this gets to the purpose of my blog, which is really honing in on tips, strategies, tactics and other means you can consider using in your own life if you’re in a wheelchair or otherwise immobilized. I’ve done a lot of research on this stuff so I just want to digest it all for you and spit it back out with the realness’ so that you can get moving in your own life, accept the situation you’re in and just move ahead with more prosperous future. To that end, here are some great resources that I found that can help you in your own life.

black gel cushion for wheelchair

The first is a governmental resource (, which really provides all the information that you’ll need if you are in a wheelchair and you just need some insurance support.

The second is Bed Bath and Beyond – they’ve got a great page to help you get a seat cushion for your wheelchair:

The third is the the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology – they do awesome research on wheelchairs.

And, just want to say that if anybody has any comments or questions feel free to post them here below. I’m always around checking my blog so I’ll definitely be able to respond quickly. My next several posts I’ll be writing about toilet seat cushions, lumbar support pillows, and other devices that will make your life much more comfortable.


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